Blasting and explosive manufacturing products from Yara

Get essential ingredients and expertise for making or using civil explosives for mining, quarrying and construction from the world's leading independent supplier. You can create the right recipe for the blast characteristics you need from our wide range of products for civil explosives.

With such a wide product range you can find the right formulation whether you have wet hole or dry hole or particular needs for your geology and climate. All Yara products offer consistent high quality and good storage properties.

All UltrAN densities are available in a range of sizes:

  • Small bag
  • Big bag
  • Bulk

If you are using UltrAN to dope your emulsions and change the density of your explosive you can expect:

  • Good stability
  • Porous prills with stable physical parameters
  • A good mix with other components
  • Increased sensitivity and gas volume detonation
Sandra Geuting-Awater
Sandra Geuting-Awater
Sales Manager – Mining Applications