Find the correct settings for your spreader and fertiliser choice here >

Make the right fertiliser choice

Once you know what fertiliser you will be using, you can start thinking about how to spread it correctly; that is why you should conduct a broad spectrum soil analysis in conjunction with a nutrient management plan. This will help you decide which fertiliser is the most appropriate for a crop’s needs.

Yara recommends a true uniform compound fertiliser to ensure all the nutrients are contained in each granule and there is no segregation in the hopper. The benefit of this is an even spread of all nutrients across the whole spread width, so that the entire crop gets the correct nutrition to meet its needs.

Check fertiliser quality

Check your fertiliser quality

Your fertiliser needs consistent characteristics to achieve an even spread. This is why you need to check that all the fertiliser you are going to apply comes from the same batch. This is particularly important if you are taking delivery on several dates or if there is a carry-over of old stock. The same kind of fertiliser can sometimes be made at different factories, producing slightly different characteristics in size and shape. This means that two batches of the same product can require different spreader settings and may need to be tested separately.

Fertiliser can degrade with age, so old stock may need different settings than new stock. Also keep in mind that the way you store your bags could have an impact on the fertiliser’s consistency. We advise you to stack fertilisers no more than three bags high to prevent compaction.

Find the settings for your spreader

To make sure you can find the right setting for our fertilisers, Yara regularly supplies its fertilisers to the various spreader manufacturers.

Finding the correct settings is something you can do as soon as you know which fertiliser products you will be spreading; you don’t need to wait until it’s time to spread.

Find the correct settings for your spreader and fertiliser choice here >

More advice

These short stories will show you why and how choosing the right fertiliser and ensuring the nutrients are spread accurately and evenly pay off. Here is our advice on how to protect your investments as well as the environment:

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Yara supply our solid and liquid fertilisers and micronutrients through a network of local suppliers  Use our interactive map to locate your nearest suppliers.

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