AdBlue® and Quality

Your AdBlue tank is linked to the SCR system of your vehicle, which is very sensitive. Any liquid that is not AdBlue risks damaging your SCR catalyst. Fill your tank only with AdBlue, and only use AdBlue from a reliable supplier, such as Yara. We provide, under the Air1 brand, AdBlue in sealed packaging that is easy to use, and maintains the integrity of the product.


Avoid AdBlue contamination: it is essential for the performance of your SCR system, and it will avoid costly repairs. It is essential that you never add anything to your AdBlue, as even adding water may damage your SCR catalyst.

AdBlue – common mistakes to avoid

AdBlue is non-hazardous and it is easy to use, but there are some simple rules to follow to avoid AdBlue contamination and costly repairs to your car or vehicle.

Do's Don'ts
  • Always put AdBlue into the AdBlue tank. Both the nozzle/ dispense pistol and filler cap of the tank are clearly marked
  • Only buy the product with the name AdBlue – avoid any product with the names “ urea solution” or “AUS” as their quality cannot be guaranteed
  • Ensure diesel, anti-freeze and screenwash liquids are never filled into the AdBlue tank
  • Only use dedicated AdBlue equipment when storing or refilling AdBlue
  • Ensure you firmly close your AdBlue tank and container
  • AdBlue freezes at an ambient temperature of 12˚F or -11˚C , but can be used once thawed
  • Use demineralised water (or AdBlue) when cleaning internally or priming AdBlue equipment
  • If you spill small amounts of AdBlue on the ground, in a vehicle or on a painted surface, rinse thoroughly with water
  • Keep your AdBlue out of direct sunlight
  • Do not fill AdBlue into the diesel tank
  • Do not fill diesel into the AdBlue tank
  • Do not use other substances other than AdBlue eg Urea Solutions. Costly damage may occur in the SCR system
  • Do not fill the AdBlue tank with water or any other liquid
  • Do not mix AdBlue to other liquids – it is not an additive
  • Do not use AdBlue if contaminated with tap water or other substances, especially diesel fuel
  • Avoid spilling AdBlue on the ground as the surface may become slippery or the concrete or brickwork could be effected
  • Do not leave small amounts of spilt AdBlue, wash it down
  • Do not use any used equipment, such as funnels, jugs or oil containers for refilling AdBlue
  • Do not store AdBlue in direct sunlight
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams
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AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA).