Ricerca e Sviluppo

Yara si sviluppa attraverso una combinazione di ricerca scientifica e audaci scelte commerciali.

Research and development image

Revolutionizing modern agriculture

Yara has grown through a combination of scientific research and commercial daring that revolutionized modern agriculture. Yara’s current goal of becoming the "Industry Shaper" means the company needs to be at the forefront in developing new products and technology.

Yara has a dedicated engagement in research and development (R&D). We’re committed to nurturing, sourcing and using expert knowledge to provide optimal customer value.

To uphold the company’s long-term growth perspective, Yara’s R&D activities focus on sustainable agriculture and on commercializing new environmental solutions. Yara’s R&D activities are primarily carried out at Yara’s Technology Centre in Porsgrunn, Norway, and at Yara’s Research Centre in Hanninghof, Germany.